Ozone therapy in familial hypokalemic myopathy

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Roberto Merante *
Monica La Dolcetta
(*) Corresponding Author:
Roberto Merante | merantero@alice.it


We report the case of a 56-year-old male with a familial hypokalemic paralysis suffering from progressive myopathy of the lower limbs. While episodes of paralysis were well controlled with oral potassium supplementation, muscle weakness in the lower limbs gave little response to rehabilitative therapies. The patient underwent a series of treatments of ozone therapy alternated with large autohemoinfusion (GAEI) and rectal insufflation twice a week; GAEI was then maintained once a month. The muscle strength of the various muscle segments was evaluated during physiotherapy. A significant improvement in musculoskeletal strength and therefore in the response to rehabilitation treatments has been observed. Oxygen-ozone therapy appears to be effective in increasing muscle strength in patients with genetic alterations of the potassium and calcium channels, thus making physiotherapeutic rehabilitation more effective.

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