The speed of reinfusion affects the vascular system during ozone major autohemotherapy

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Daniele Rimini
Filippo Molinari
William Liboni
Vincenzo Simonetti *
Marianno Franzini
(*) Corresponding Author:
Vincenzo Simonetti |


Ozone major autohemotherapy (O-MAHT) is a way of ozonetherapy administration consisting of drawing patient’s venous blood, mixing with oxygen/ozone, and reinfusing it into the vein. Some ozone therapists reported side effects during the O-MAHT, but the origin has not been described yet. We investigated the effect of blood drawing velocity during O-MAHT to see its effects on the vascular system and symptomatology. We administered O-MAHT to 11 subjects, and we interleaved fast and slow reinfusions. We monitored cerebral macrocirculation with transcranial Doppler (TCD) and tissue microcirculation with near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS). Annoying symptoms appeared just during the fast reinfusion periods. NIRS and TCD parameters revealed vasoconstriction during fast reinfusion and improved metabolism during slow reinfusion. Overall, our investigation well discriminated fast from slow reinfusion velocity.

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