Oxygen-ozone therapy: our experience in the treatment of hard-root conflicts

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Maria Laura Rosato *
Marco Mainini
Margherita Luongo
Luigi Mascolo
Silvana Mattera
Luca Schiaffino
(*) Corresponding Author:
Maria Laura Rosato | maria.laura.rosato@alice.it


Lower back pain and sciatica are clinical symptoms with debilitating effects on the quality of life; they are extremely common in the population. The treatment of patients affected by sciatica, and in particular of those incurred by herniated discs, may be medical, physiatric, percutaneous minimally invasive surgery. In recent years, for the treatment of disc-radicular conflicts the Oxygen-Ozone (O2-O3) therapy is spreading to a more and more significant extent. We report our experience with O2-O3 therapy in the treatment of herniated lumbar discs, evaluating the efficacy of the therapy in lower back pain and sciatica. We treated 32 patients with paravertebral intramuscular infiltrations of about 15 cc of the mixture of O2-O3 at a concentration of 30 µg/cc: 66.6 % of the patients had a positive response to the treatment.

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