Oxygen-ozone therapy effects on PaO2 value in a diabetic patient suffering from chronic peripheral obliterative arteriopathy

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Maria Laura Rosato *
Luca Schiaffino
Margherita Luongo
Luigi Mascolo
Silvana Mattera
Marco Mainini
(*) Corresponding Author:
Maria Laura Rosato | maria.laura.rosato@alice.it


We define chronic occlusive arterial disease of the extremities (COAD) as the aging process of the arterial vessel wall, characterized by the formation of atherosclerotic plaques. Patients suffering from COAD often refer induced pain exercise. Previous studies described benefic effects of oxygen-ozone (O2-O3) therapy in treatment of COAD. We describe a case of a 69-year old man, suffering from COAD, treated with O2-O3 therapy. The aim of our report was to evaluate not only the effects of the oxygen-ozone therapy on the patient, but also the influence of this method on the arterial partial pressure of oxygen value.

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