General aspects concerning strictly meat and fish transmitted parasitic infections

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Daniele Crotti *
Silvia Crotti
Andrea Gustinelli
(*) Corresponding Author:
Daniele Crotti |


All helminths parasitosis transmitted to humans trough ingestion of infested fleshes, where man is definitive host too, are represented by four groups of helminths: the cestodes Dyphyllobothrium spp and Spirometra spp. (Sparganum proliferum is the name of the immature plerocercoid larva), the trematodes Opisthorchis Clonorchis “group” (many could be the genera and species involved), and the nematode Capillaria philippinensis. So, for fishes humans foods (fresh or salted water) the control and prevention in veterinary health must be directed to investigation regarding intermediate stages of these parasites in fishes for human alimentation; if present, they must be eliminated. The helminths parasitosis transmitted to humans trough ingestion of infected mammals meats, are represented by taeniasis (Taenia saginata, T. solium and T. saginata asiatica), where man id definitive host and the infection is caused by ingestion of bovine or swine meat, containing larvae of these cestodes, and by trichinellosis, where humans represent a intermediate stage, and the eventual pathology is caused as by adult (acute infection) as by larvae (chronic infection) of this nematode: usually the meats responsible are infected pork, wild pork or horse (Trichinella spp. Is inside the meats of these animals). So the veterinary control and prophylaxis are necessary to avoid this disease and preventing the infection that could be severe.


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