Rapid tests: preliminar identification from blood culture

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Elisa Gobbato *
Vesselina Kroumova
Paola Macaluso
Sabrina Tamburelli
Luca Mucedola
Giacomo Fortina
(*) Corresponding Author:
Elisa Gobbato | gobbatoelisa@libero.it


In the period 1 April to 30 June 2011, we compared the rapid test identification of 250 positive blood cultures with the identification by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer (Bruker). After Gram staining and an important step in HB&L liquid culture (Alifax), rapid tests were performed according to the morphological characteristics of the sample. Pneumococcus urinary antigen test and tube coagulase test showed a concordance of 100%, the concordance rates for Pyr test and oxidase test were 91% and 89% respectively. Overall, the percentage of agreement of the rapid tests on 250 samples was found to be of 99.2%. The data obtained show that, even with their increased bacterial concentration due to the enrichment step in HB&L liquid culture, it is possible to obtain preliminary identification directly from positive blood culture with simple rapid tests.

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