Comparative analisys in cultural test of biological fluids: routine Vs a new strumentation (Alifax HB&L Uroquattro)

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Mariapia Galullo
Maria Grazia Castellani
Maria Cacioni
Antonella Repetto *
(*) Corresponding Author:
Antonella Repetto |


The accuracy and rapidity of a microbiological diagnosis is crucial for the proper management of critical or neutropenic patients.To reduce the time of analysis, we compared the performances of an automated system with those of the conventional method (direct coltural analysis in agar medium BD and a enrichement for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and fungi in BD bactec bottles). For this study, we evaluated the kind of specimens, the time of analysis and the positivity for several bacterial strains. Finally we compared the specificity and sensitivity of the automated system with those of the traditional coltures. A total of 50 specimens were analysed.All the specimens were from patiens hospitalized in the wards of Perugia’s hospital.We found that the results obtained with the Alìfax system differed from those of conventional/coltural method.We propose to utilize the Alìfax system for coltural analysis of urine where the cut off of signifìcativity is 50 cfu/mL and the infectious agent involved is often monomicrobic and aerobic.We will continue to use the arrichment of fluid in BD bottles which is very accurate.

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