Hystological confirmation of Opisthorchis felineus in two stray cats on ‘Isola Maggiore’ (Trasimeno Lake, Perugia, Italy): the epidemiological chain of human opisthorchiasis is almost complete in this middle Italy lake

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Daniele Crotti *
Silvia Crotti
Andrea Gustinelli
Elisabetta Manuali
(*) Corresponding Author:
Daniele Crotti | daniele.nene@email.it


Over the past five years have been described, in Umbria, the first human cases of infestation with Opistorchis felineus, as well as detect the presence of this fluke eggs in the feces of Digenea stray seeds or stray cats on the island of Maggiore Lake Trasimeno (Umbria) in central Italy. Previous research metacercariae in fish caught in this lake and the recovery of the shellfish B. leach into the lake area have been rather insignificant.This work confirms the presence of eggs of O. felineus in 33.3% of cat litter and, most importantly, it shows active infestation in two cats found dead on that island, anatomical lesions - histopathological opisthorchiasi and consistent with the observation of the presence of adult worm with eggs is in intrahepatic bile home that when pancreatic O. felineus.

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