Mycobacterium bovis BCG: the importance of an accurate identification in the diagnostic routine

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Antonella Grottola *
Anna Fabio
Anna MT Sabbatini
Giuliana Fabio,
Mariagrazia Apice
Alessia Di Nauta
Giulia Forbicini
Annunziata La Regina
Sara Tagliazucchi
Monica Pecorari
Fabio Rumpianesi
Chiara Casolari
(*) Corresponding Author:
Antonella Grottola |


M. bovis BCG is used clinically in the immunotherapy treatment of superficial bladder cancer to prevent progression to invasive disease, leading in some cases to a severe localized inflammation or disseminated infections. For this reason, an accurate and early identification of this particular microorganism is clinically relevant.We describe a case-report of bladder cancer with a urine culture-positive for mycobacteria initially diagnosed as MTB complex infection and later identified as BCG disease by molecular methods.

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