Klebsiella pneumoniae: resistance to carbapenems carbapenemase-mediated in the area of Piacenza

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Massimo Confalonieri *
Enrica Cavatorta
Camilla Reboli
Maria Milanda Bertelli
Rossana Chiarabini
Daniela Padrini
Francesca Riggio
Corrado Confalonieri
Enrica Poggi
(*) Corresponding Author:
Massimo Confalonieri | m.confalonieri@ausl.pc.it


The detection of Klebsiella pneumoniae isolates showing a reduced susceptibility or resistance to carbapenems represents an increasing problem. The aim of this study is to survey the presence of carbapenemases producing strains in our country. 22 isolates of K. pneumoniae isolates showing carbapenems MIC => 2 by Vitek 2 System, were collected in the period May-August 2010 and studied for carbapenemases production using phenotypic confirmatory tests. The modified Hodge test and the DD-sinergy test with boronic acid yelded positive results for 17/22 strains; all the isolates resulted negative to the E-test MBL (imipenem and imipenem/EDTA). The results of this study confirm the recent emergence of KPC-producing K. pneumoniae strains in the area of Piacenza.The phenotypic tests employed appear reliable and simple for the confirmation of carbapenemases-production in K. pneumonie.

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