Identification of Fusarium verticillioides using gene sequencing in a patient after orthotopic liver transplantation

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Antonella Grottola *
Claudia Venturelli
William Gennari
Mauro Codeluppi
Francesca Cavrini
Fabio Rumpianesi
Giovanni Guaraldi
Stefania Cocchi
(*) Corresponding Author:
Antonella Grottola |


Fusarium is an opportunistic fungal pathogen which is emerging as a significant cause of morbidity and mortality particularly in patients with haematological malignancies and bone marrow transplant recipients but also in solid organ transplant recipients. Here we have diagnosed a case of disseminated Fusarium infection with cutaneous localization in a patient undergoing a second liver transplant after chronic rejection of primary graft. The morphology of the isolated strain didn’t allow a clear distinction between Fusarium. napiforme and Fusarium. verticillioides. For this reason it was performed a gene sequencing analysis to have a reliable identification.The isolated strain was thus identified as F. verticillioides.

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