Isolation of microrganisms involved in endodontic infection

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Marcello Gatti *
Maria Sofia Rini
Pasqua Schiavone
Tatiana Giulia Rizzati
Francesca Scandurra
Giovanna Costa
(*) Corresponding Author:
Marcello Gatti |


In endodontic infections a lot of different microrganisms can be time inside dentinal tubules to support such infections. Most of these are Gram negative anaerobes bacteria able to induce an immune response that is the apparent cause of periapical lesion, but also Gram positive facultative aerobic species and fungi of the genus Candida.They play an important role in pain but also in bone periapical resorption. Therefore, the exact knowledge and the subsequent elimination of the microrganisms involved by the system of root canals, although difficult to achieve completely, is essential for the resolution of apical periodontitis.

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