Galactomannan and Real-Time PCR in the diagnosis of invasive Aspergillosis: preliminary data

  • Cristina Pedrotti |
  • Lucia Collini
  • Filippo Salvetti
  • Daniela Dachille
  • Marina Gaino
  • Silvia D’Arcangelo
  • Danila Bassetti
  • Rosanna Predazzer
  • Patrizia Ober
  • Paolo Lanzafame


The diagnosis of invasive aspergillosis is notoriously difficult. The standard culture-based methods have shown considerable limitations in performance. For this reason, non-culture methods have been increasingly employed for the diagnosis of invasive aspergillosis, and, among them, the methods based on Real-Time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). In this study we assess the contribution in lowering diagnosis errors provided by the RT-PCR method when run alongside other methods. We analyzed 23 biological samples, 14 serum samples, and 9 bronchoalveolar lavage samples (BAL) from 10 immunocompromised patients who were selected according to EORTC/MSG criteria (European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer/Mycoses Study Group). On the serum sample we searched the galactomannan (GM) (Platelia Aspergillus®) and the fungal genome (MycAssayTMAspergillus); the BAL samples were subjected also to the culture tests. In 11 serum samples the results showed concordance between GM and RT–PCR tests, while in 3 samples we report discordance: 2 results were GM positive and RT-PCR negative, and 1 results GM negative and RT-PCR indeterminate. In 5 BAL samples the results showed concordance between the two methods, while 4 were GM positive and RT-PCR negative. The data, although still preliminary, suggest an increased accuracy in the diagnosis of suspected invasive aspergillosis when employing both RT-PCR and GM tests given that the RT-PCR test eliminates the false positive results of the GM test. The PCR methods require, however, further applications of this type of diagnostic because of the severe limit given by the lack of standardization.



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Invasive Aspergillosis, Galactomannan, Real-Time PCR
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Pedrotti, C., Collini, L., Salvetti, F., Dachille, D., Gaino, M., D’Arcangelo, S., Bassetti, D., Predazzer, R., Ober, P., & Lanzafame, P. (2014). Galactomannan and Real-Time PCR in the diagnosis of invasive Aspergillosis: preliminary data. Microbiologia Medica, 28(3).