La reazione polimerasica a catena (PCR) nella diagnosi delle infezioni genitali da Papillomavirus umano (HPV)

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Rosanna Masciari *
Ignazio Vasapollo
Maria Gabriella Lepore
Rosangela De Grazia
Vincenzo Rondinelli
Caterina Filia
(*) Corresponding Author:
Rosanna Masciari |


In a three year time (2001-2003) we evaluated the use of HPV testing and typing in 520 cytologically abnormal women (322 LSIL, 198 HSIL), in 25 squamous and 18 adeno invasive cancers. HPV testing was performed by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) using L1 consensus primers; HPV typing was performed using specific primers for low and high risk types. The prevalence of high risk HPV was: LSIL 41%; HSIL 74%; squamous invasive cancers 96% and adeno 100%. HPV 16 is the most represented type in all lesions. We also evaluated the usefulness of p53 typing in the early identification of women at risk for cervical cancer.


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