Le infezioni catetere vascolare correlate: risultati di tre anni di sorveglianza (2001-2003)

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Vesselina Kroumova
Ilaria Crespi
Gian Lorenzo Molinari
Stefano Andreoni
Carmelina Di Natale
Paola Fonio
Giacomo Fortina *
(*) Corresponding Author:
Giacomo Fortina | giacomo.fortina@maggioreosp.novara.it


Central venous catheter represents a major source of nosocomial bloodstream infection, which cause considerable excess morbidity.The diagnosis of catheter-related infections relies on the presence of clinical manifestation of infection and the evidence of colonization of the catheter tip by bacteria or fungi. The most frequent pathogens were Gram-positive organisms, mainly coagulase negative staphylococci, followed by Gram-negative and mycetes. During the years 2001-2003 we examined 2079 vascular catheters, of which 896 were positive for bacterial and fungal species. Of these, 675 (75,3%) involved Gram-positive bacterial, 145 (16,2%) Gram-negative and 76 (8,5%) mycetes.

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