Diagnosi di infezione acuta primaria da HIV in donatore di sangue

  • Rosa Anna Leone | minchellap@libero.it
  • Pasquale Minchella
  • Salvatore Nisticò
  • Giuseppe Ivan Potente
  • Francesco Mellea
  • Domenico Caruso
  • Mario Camerino
  • Barbara Gagliardi
  • Caterina Mustaro
  • Antonella Nicolazzo
  • Angela Luciano


The early detection of HIV infection is of paramount either to achieve a better blood supply safety and to pose a prompt diagnosis so that to decrease the involuntary spreading of the disease.The fourth generation screening assays, which measure both the levels of the anti-HIV antibodies and the p-24 viral antigen, and mainly the development and widespread usage of the molecular biology tests, which identify the HIV-RNA in the early stage, have further reduced the diagnostic window period.We report a case about an acute primary HIV infection, occurred in a periodic donor, promptly diagnosed by the combined screening assays and the detection of HIV-RNA using molecular tests.



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Clinical Cases
test screening HIV, primary infection, p24
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Leone, R. A., Minchella, P., Nisticò, S., Potente, G. I., Mellea, F., Caruso, D., Camerino, M., Gagliardi, B., Mustaro, C., Nicolazzo, A., & Luciano, A. (2006). Diagnosi di infezione acuta primaria da HIV in donatore di sangue. Microbiologia Medica, 21(2). https://doi.org/10.4081/mm.2006.2938

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