Enterite da Campylobacter upsaliensis: un paradigma della microbiologia clinica

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Maria Letizia D’Annibale *
Daniele Crotti
(*) Corresponding Author:
Maria Letizia D’Annibale | office@pagepress.org


The Authors describe a case of acute enteritis in a adult woman with severe hepatitis C infection caused by a strain of Campylobacter upsaliensis.The clinical isolate was obtained only on blood agar because filter membrane technique was performed. In fact for this strain it was no growth on selective Campy agar, which include cephalotin too; C. upsaliensis is sensitive to this antibiotic molecule. So, the use of filter membrane on blood agar or charcoal agar at 37°C in microaerophilic atmosphere is recommended for isolation of all campylobacters responsible of human enteritis.

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