Nocardiosi: a proposito di tre casi

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Pietro Casella *
Romualdo Grande
Maria Cristina Straface
Massimo Pederzoli
Francesco Pitingolo
Claudio Farina
(*) Corresponding Author:
Pietro Casella |


We describe three case reports of nocardiosis occurred at the AO “Ospedale Civile di Vimercate”,Vimercate (Milano) from 2001 to 2003. The patients discussed are paradigmatic of some predisposing conditions. Case 1 was a kidney transplanted patient, and immunosuppression is a well-known jatrogenous underlying condition. Case 2 is paradigmatic of a systemic infection presented with predominant symptoms of CNS involvement: diabetes was a unique debilitating factor, and his activity as smith could represent a professional risk factor, because of the increased possibility to inhale dust. Case 3 represent an absolutely uncommon way of contamination in an immunocompetent woman receiving at home an i.m. therapy. In all cases chemosensitivity testing showed sensitivity to imipenem, amikacin, cotrimoxazole.Antibiotic therapy was started with a combination of intravenous Imipenem plus Amikacin.The treatment was prolonged for two months and then was prescribed cotrimoxazole for eight months.


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