Isolamento e tipizzazione di Brucella melitensis biovar 3 da emocoltura, utilizzando il sistema di rilevazione microbica Bact/Alert

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Maria Teresa Allù *
Chiara Piraino
Francesca Messina
Franco Sciurba
(*) Corresponding Author:
Maria Teresa Allù |


Brucella melitensis is the aetiologic agent of brucellosis in small ruminants (goats,sheeps). Humans are susceptible to B. melitensis, which gives a severe and long lasting form of the disease. Diagnosis needs to be supported by laboratory tests; blood culture is the standard method and is often effective during the acute phase. Development of automated blood culture systems and technical improvements have resulted in gradual increase in the sensitivity of methods and in shortening the detection time of Brucella spp The identification at the biovar level is performed by carbon dioxide requirement, production of hydrogen sulphide, urease activity, dye (thionin and basic fuchsin) sensitivity, lysis by phages, agglutination with monospecific A and M anti-sera.

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