Opisthorchiasi autoctona al Lago Trasimeno (Perugia): descrizione di due episodi epidemici da Opisthorchis felineus e problematiche diagnostiche differenziali

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Daniele Crotti *
Maria Letizia D’Annibale
Silvia Crotti
(*) Corresponding Author:
Daniele Crotti | nenedc@tin.it


The Authors describe two small and apparently asymptomatic epidemics of Opisthorchiasis caused by Opisthorchis felineus, which were observed in provence of Perugia, Umbrie region, Italy.The first one was observed in a couple of young adults during 2003 because both ones ate pickled (at 2-8°C) tenches fished in Trasimeno Lake in province of Perugia.The second episode was observed during 2006 among eight young adults that ate pickled fishes (tenches, carps and perches, always at 2-8°C); source of these fishes was the same lake.The request for a coproparasitological examination of stools in one of the two subjects of the first episode and in one of the eight subjects of the second episode was the casual observation of an increased count of periferical eosinophils. During January 2006, ten faecal samples of cats, living on “Isola Maggiore” of the Trasimeno Lake, were collected for a parasitological test; 40% was positive for ova of O. felineus.The Authors describe the diagnostical items for this parasitosis, relate the epidemiological features of this trematode infection, and suggest the importance of a good approach to this zoonotic parasitosis, which interest public health too and never were before observed in Italy among humans.

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