Papillomavirus DNA in sperm from infertile patients

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William Gennari
Rita Bianchi
Anna Maria Teresa Sabbatini
Rita Magnani
Antonella Grottola
Sandra Mattioli
Monica Pecorari *
Fabio Rumpianesi
(*) Corresponding Author:
Monica Pecorari |


The Human Papillomaviruses (HPV) are causative agents of sexually transmitted disease that affect both men and women (6, 7).The genus includes more than 150 types divided in according to different tropism for skin surfaces and paved mucosal epithelia. Although HPV infection has a very high incidence in both sexes, HPV infection in men is often neglected because of its transitory nature and its lack of clinical relevance.The HPV infection in males was found to be borne by the anal region, perineum, scrotum, urethra and glans. The persistence of the virus in these sites of infection has been linked both to male infertility and to the development of neoplasia in genital areas and not. In addition, several studies have documented the presence of HPV in the semen but with conflicting results regarding the location of the virus in the various components of semen (5, 9,10). The objective of this study was to highlight the presence of HPV DNA in the sperm of patients waiting for a Medically Assisted Procreation and to evaluate if there is a correlation between the semen parameters (motility, concentration and morphology of spermatozoa) and HPV infection.

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