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Jonas Cicenas *
(*) Corresponding Author:
Jonas Cicenas | j.cicenas@mapkinases.eu


First of all, I would like to welcome everybody to our new journal, and that includes members of the Editorial Board, authors, and you the readers. I am happy to tell you that our Editorial Board is made up of well-known experts in various aspects of MAP kinase research and they will be contributing their knowledge and expertise to this exciting new project.
MAP Kinase is the first journal to concentrate specifically on the Mitogen-activating protein kinase family of protein kinases. MAP kinases are serine/threonine protein kinases that respond to extracellular stimuli and regulate various cellular activities, such as apoptosis, gene expression, mitosis, differentiation and immune responses, to name just a few. The MAP kinase family consists of four major subfamilies of related proteins (Erk1/2, JNK, p38 and Erk5) that make up interconnected signal transduction cascades activated by external stimuli, such as growth factors, stress, cytokines and inflammation...

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