Minimally-invasive Endoscopy & Applied Robotics

Minimally-invasive Endoscopy & Applied Robotics is an Open Access, online-only, peer-reviewed journal focusing on the publication of original manuscripts, cases series/reports, authoritative reviews and/or opinion papers in the field of minimally-invasive digestive endoscopy and applied medical robotics. Minimally-invasive platforms and devices such as smart flexible endoscopes and capsule/probe-based endoscopy have, since the dawn of the Millennium, changed the approach to diagnosis and therapy/treatment delivery and introduced the concept of minimal discomfort in the examination of the gastrointestinal district. Moreover, robotics applied to minimally-invasive digestive endoscopy demonstrated to introduce significant benefits through the integration of innovative smart locomotion mechanisms, localization methodologies and sensing for closed-loop active control and enhanced diagnosis and therapy.

Active locomotion endoscopic devices with diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities for the gastrointestinal tract Active locomotion endoscopic devices with diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities for the gastrointestinal tract

Main topics include
  • Capsule endoscopy and novel flexible devices, clinical and experimental, developing applications and projects, case series and case reports (image-based or full case reports).
  • Other clinical applications of minimally-invasive endoscopy, such as transnasal upper GI endoscopy, magnetic active locomotion capsule, etc.
  • Drug-delivery systems and therapies, experimental and/or clinical applications.
  • Robotic locomotion technologies and localization methodologies for active endoscopic capsule and novel flexible endoscopes.
  • Mesoscale mechanisms and solutions for enhanced diagnosis, such as image processing, and therapy delivery.
  • Physical simulation, magnetic modelling and magnetic-based strategies, sensing, telemetry and data communication.
  • Motion planning and autonomous/assisted diagnosis and therapy.
  • Power supply and innovative solutions for endoluminal robots.

Vol 1, No 1 (2016)

Table of Contents

Anastasios Koulaouzidis, Gastone Ciuti

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