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F. Bacci *
A. Albanese
A. Celesti
S. Medaglini
A. Orsi
M. Rigato
E. Battisti
(*) Corresponding Author:
F. Bacci |


The TAMMEF System consists of the clinical application of electromagnetic fields piloted at a low frequency by music signals, with simultaneous audition of the same. The working hypothesis expects that the ascertained pain-relieving and therapeutical effects do not depend only on the treatment but also the patient’s disposition. Accordingly, each subject is to be examined by a psychologist, who should also advise whether it may be proper to explain to him/her the music-fields correlation. Conversely, the choice of the pilot music piece, obtained from publications, is to be appraised by a musicologist. Taking into account such conditions and necessities, the criteria for laying out the said program of investigation aimed at verifying the given hypothesis are hereby reported.


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