Vol 48, No 3 (2016)

Published: 2016-12-19

Physical characteristics and reproductive performance in Aedes (Diptera: Culicidae)

H. Dieng, F. Abang, A.H. Ahmad, I. Abd Ghani, T. Satho, F. Miake, H. Ahmad, W.F. Zuharah, A.H.A Majid, R.E. Morales, N.P. Morales, C.N. Hipolito, G.T. Noweg

Aggressive mosquito fauna and malaria transmission in a forest area targeted for the creation of an agro-industrial complex in the south of Cameroon

P. Ntonga Akono, C. Tonga, O.E. Ngo Hondt, M.F. Peka Nsangou, R. Ngaha, G. Tamdem Magne, L. Youmbi Enga, A. Yomon Kayoum, P. Nkouandou Mache, L.A. Djomi, F.A. Mbouangouro, L.G. Lehman