Normal M-mode echocardiographic indices of Nigerian local dogs

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Solomon Ajibola *
Johnson Oyewale
Bankole Oke
Ladoke Durotoye
Timothy Adeliyi
Samson Rahman
(*) Corresponding Author:
Solomon Ajibola |


There are currently no reported cardiac indices for the Nigerian dog. The aim of the study was to obtain breed specific echocardiographic indices for Nigerian local dogs. M– mode measurements of the left ventricle of 20 healthy dogs were obtained from short axis right parasternal view. The result of the study showed that posterior wall thickness in diastole and systole (PWTd, PWTs), septal wall thickness in diastole and systole (SWTd, SWTs), and left ventricular internal diameter in diastole and systole (LVIDd LVIDs) were positively and significantly correlated with body weight. Except PWT and functional indices like ejection fraction (EF) and fractional shortening (FS) whose values were higher than some breeds in literature, all other indices were within the range of values obtained in breeds previously studied. There was no significant correlation between PWTd PWTs, SWTd, SWTs and cardiac function indices such as EF, FS, enddiastolic volume (EDV), end- systolic volume (ESV) and stroke volume (SV). Although LVIDd had positive correlation with EDV, ESV, and SV, it did not correlate with FS and EF. The study revealed that cardiac function indices like FS and EF are not dependent on septal and wall thickness but rather on ventriclular volume and diameter in systole. Since cardiac function indices are also not dependent on body size, the Nigerian mongrels could serve as a useful model for cardiac studies because of their functional homogenous heart.

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