Histochemical characterization of human osteochondral tissue: comparison between healthy cartilage, arthrotic tissues, and cartilage defect treated with MACI technique

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F. Tessarolo *
R. Tatti
M. Molinari
P. Dorigotti
R. Antolini
G. Nollo
(*) Corresponding Author:
F. Tessarolo | tessaro@science.unitn.it


Matrix-induced sutologous chondrocytes implantation (MACI) is a promising technique for the treatment of articular cartilage lesions, but long time outcome have to be established. We developed and optimized specific techniques of histochemical staining to characterize healthy and pathologic osteochondral tissue. Seven different staining protocols were applied to assess tissue architecture, cells morphology, proteoglycan content, and collagen fibers distribution. Potentialities of histochemical staining and histomorphology of biopsies from second look arthroscopy will be presented.

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