Relationship between the dietary habits, Body Mass Index (BMI) and health status in the elderly people living in rural communities of the Western Alps

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N. Salis *
L. Gallo
D. Picollo
E. Rabino Massa
(*) Corresponding Author:
N. Salis |


Because in recent years it was emphasized that the quality of ageing and health depends also on a correct diet we examined the relationship between dietary habits, BMI and health status inalpine populations. We considered some mountain communities of the Western Alps: Venaus, Exilles and Limone Piemonte. We used a questionnaire dealing with alimentary habits, lifestyle and health status of the elderly individuals. Additionally, anthropometric measurements were taken of each subject relative to height and weight in order to calculate the BMI. With regard to the correlation between diet and pathologies we noted that the examined sample was very sensitive and careful about the diet; in fact, no nutritional deficiencies were recorded.

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