Methodological approach for the evaluation of homologous bone graft use in post-extractive atrophic alveolar ridges

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B. Musante *
F. Romano
D. Baldi
P. Pera
F. Grillo
E. Fulcheri
(*) Corresponding Author:
B. Musante |


The aim of this study is to investigate the in vivo efficacy of Puros® cancellous particulate allograft bone in the regeneration of post-extractive sites. Twelve molar or premolar sites were selected. Seven days after minimally invasive tooth extraction, Puros® cancellous particulate allografts were inserted into the elected sites. TC Cone-Beam investigation and at 4 months from surgery; bone height and width were evaluated. Five months after surgery, biopsy samples of the regenerated sites were taken and histologically analyzed to qualitatively evaluate bone regeneration. TC analysis showed, a mean bone gain of 4.1 mm in height and 2.02 mm in width. The histological analysis of the samples showed intense bone metabolic activity with active osteoblasts on the implant surface, at the level of the native bone-graft interface and in the grafted area. The radiographic and histological analyses demonstrate an optimal bonen regeneration, both in terms of quality and quantity using Puros®.

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