Stature estimation for personal identification using mandibular morphometric parameters in Italian population: a preliminary report

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Chantal Milani
Rolando Milani
Gian Luigi Panattoni *
(*) Corresponding Author:
Gian Luigi Panattoni |


Stature is fundamental in personal identification for forensic and physical anthropologists. When a full skeleton is not available, stature can be estimated from incomplete human remains. It is also important to apply a method to estimate the stature based on the same specific population of the remains. For this purpose, we measured 4 distances between cephalometric landmarks of the mandible and the stature in 56 subjects (both males and females) from Caucasian Italian population. The correlation between these parameters appeared to be statistically significant, so that it was possible to establish a regression equation to estimate the stature from the mandible in this population.

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