Occurrence of Campylobacter spp. in poultry meat at retail and processing plants’ levels in Central Italy

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Ziad Mezher *
Stefano Saccares
Rita Marcianò
Paola De Santis
Eda Maria Flores Rodas
Veronica De Angelis
Roberto Condoleo
(*) Corresponding Author:
Ziad Mezher | mfziad@yahoo.com


Human campylobacteriosis remains the most commonly reported gastrointestinal disease in Europe and Campylobacter (C.) jejuni and C. coli are the two species most frequently involved in such foodborne disease. Based on the sampling plan established in the region of Lazio (Central Italy) the aim of our work was to investigate the occurrence of Campylobacter spp. in poultry meat preparations collected by the local veterinary authority at retail shops and processing plants. We also observed whether various factors such as animal species or type of product affected the isolation rate. Occurrence was significantly lower than previous surveys (12/209, 5.7%) and chicken meat was more contaminated than turkey meat.

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