Use of sonoelastography to evaluate texture modifications of Mozzarella di Bufala Campana Protected Designation of Origin during storage at different temperatures

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Nicola Costanzo *
Adriano Michele Luigi Santoro
Eleonora Sarno
Antonio Di Loria
Rosa Daniela Grembiale
Domenico Britti
Federico Capuano
(*) Corresponding Author:
Nicola Costanzo |


Mozzarella cheese from buffalo milk is a fresh, stringy-textured dairy product, exhibiting a porcelain white colour, a smooth, bright, and humid surface, an extremely thin rind and delicate taste. The high humidity typical of this cheese, reduces its shelf-life and it is cause of dramatic organoleptic changes during storage. In this study we tested sonoelastography to evaluate texture changes of mozzarella cheese from buffalo milk during storage. Cheeses form local market produced in the same condition were divided in three batches and stored in different conditions: the first (B1) was stored in preserving liquid at room temperature (20°C); the second (B2) was stored without preserving liquid at 4°C; and the third (B3) was stored at 4°C in preserving liquid. In B1 sonoelastography showed a reduction of the hardness and stiffness of rind, while in B2 inelastic tissue increased its thickness. Best results were obtained in B3, where no significant difference was evidenced during storage.

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