Paralytic shellfish poison algal biotoxins: Sardinia report 2002-2011 and non-compliance management

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Giuseppa Lorenzoni *
Igor Arras
Giovanna Sanna
Pietro Delogu
Alessandro Mudadu
Antonio Piras
Antonio Mura
Edoardo Marongiu
Sebastiano Virgilio
(*) Corresponding Author:
Giuseppa Lorenzoni |


Several microalgae of the genus Alexandrium (Alexandrium minutum and Alexandrium catenelle) can produce an algal biotoxin, the paralytic shellfish poison (PSP) that can be accumulated in the shellfish edible tissues making them hazardous to the consumer’s health. In this paper we report i) the results of PSP toxins survey carried out by mouse bioassays (mouse test AOAC 958.08) on 7457 samples of bivalve molluscs farmed in Sardinia and in other European countries and marketed in Sardinia region from 2002 to 2011, and ii) the management of positive cases. Based on our experience it is very important to strictly apply the planned activities in order to prevent any risk and to protect the consumer’s and producer’s health.

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Giuseppa Lorenzoni, Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale della Sardegna G. Pegreffi, Sassari

Dipartimento Igiene Alimenti Laboratorio Ispezioni Alimenti