Diphyllobothrium latum in Italy: plerocercoids larvae distribution in perch (Perca fluviatilis) fillets

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Marino Prearo *
Elena Pavoletti
Andrea Gustinelli
Monica Caffara
Marzia Righetti
Maria Cristina Bona
Tommaso Scanzio
Giuseppe Ru
MariaLetizia Fioravanti
(*) Corresponding Author:
Marino Prearo | marino.prearo@izsto.it


Following the diffusion of new eating habits (consumption of uncooked, undercooked, marinated or cold-smoked fish), some cases of parasitic zoonosis from freshwater fish are recently reappeared in Italy. One of these is tapeworm Diphyllobothrium latum, whose final host could be human. This study aimed to individuate the position of plerocercoid larvae inside perch fillets (Perca fluviatilis) caught in 4 different sites on Como lake in 2011. The fish analyzed were 390. The larvae totally isolated from 112 positive fishes were 164: 85 found in the right fillets and 79 in left ones. According to dorso-ventral disposition in fish, 144 larvae were individuated in dorsal muscles and 20 in ventral ones. Data collected confirm that plerocercoid larvae prefer the upper mass of perch muscle. Dietary education and sanitary care on fish supply are necessary to prevent the diffusion of tapeworm zoonosis in high-risk zones. European legislation establishes freezing to sanitize fish to be eaten raw, marinated or cold-smoked.

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