Food safety objectives, criteria, ranking and hierarchization

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Gaetano Liuzzo
Stefano Bentley
Federica Giacometti
Silvia Piva
Andrea Serraino *
(*) Corresponding Author:
Andrea Serraino |


The paper describes the terminology of risk in the view of food safety objectives, criteria, ranking and hierarchization: the terms Performance Criterion, Process Criteria, Product Criterion, Microbiological Criteria, Food Safety Objective, Performance standard, Food safety policy objectives, Risk Assessment Policies, Weighing, Precaution, Prevention, Precautionary principle, Prevention principle, Principle of separation between risk assessment and management, Rank, Ranking, Categorization, Ranking, Priorization, ALARA (As Low Reasonably Achievable), ALOP (Appropriate level of protection), Risk Management, Risk management in the public function are reported and discussed.

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