Yessotoxin detection in bivalve molluscs: A case study from coastal mussel farms (Sardinia, Italy)

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Alessandro Graziano Mudadu *
Giuseppa Lorenzoni
Anna Maria Bazzoni
Riccardo Bazzardi
Giuseppe Tedde
Igor Arras
Giovanna Sanna
Cinzia Santucciu
Edoardo Marongiu
Sebastiano Virgilio
(*) Corresponding Author:
Alessandro Graziano Mudadu |


This work reports the first communication relating to the presence of yessotoxins in Mytilus galloprovincialis from coastal mussel farms (Sardinia, western Mediterranean) detected during 2008 and 2013 through a monitoring programme. The paper emphasizes how the changes both in yessotoxin permitted limits and used methods, established by legislation, have influenced the interpretation of the obtained results. Consequently, the samples that resulted negative during 2008 would have been positive until August 2013 and negative from September 2013 up to now, and the samples that were positive in 2013 would have been positive in 2008 and negative nowadays, according to Regulation currently in force. Regular monitoring of biotoxins demonstrated that, although yessotoxins have been rarely present in the past in Sardinia, they may cause toxicity in shellfish. So, it’s important to keep up on legislation’s changing and laboratory methods.

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