Salting by vacuum brine impregnation in nitrite-free lonza: effect on Enterobacteriaceae

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Annalisa Serio
Clemencia Chaves-López
Chiara Rossi
Paola Pittia
Marco Dalla Rosa
Antonello Paparella *
(*) Corresponding Author:
Antonello Paparella |


Lonza is a traditional Italian meat product made from whole pork muscles, which is typically cured by dry salting. In this work, we study the effects of vacuum brine impregnation (VBI) as an alternative salting method on the survival of Enterobacteriaceae, in presence and in absence of nitrites. In comparison with the traditional brining process, VBI contributed to reducing the Enterobacteriaceae population on product surface but induced contamination of the inner muscle tissues. Our results suggest that the species isolated became adapted to processing conditions, and salt tolerance was species- or straindependent. This result is of particular importance for future applications of VBI in lonza manufacturing.

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