Overview of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in young children

  • Ajay Singh | ajaysingh363@gmail.com Department of Early Childhood and Elementary Education, College of Education and Human Services, Murray State University, Murray, KY, United States.
  • Chia Jung Yeh Human Development and Family Science, College of Health and Human Performance, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC, United States.
  • Nidhi Verma Department of Psychology, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, India.
  • Ajay Kumar Das Department of Adolescent, Career and Special Education, Murray State University, Murray, KY, United States.


Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a complex disorder, which can be seen as a disorder of life time, developing in preschool years and manifesting symptoms (full and/or partial) throughout the adulthood; therefore, it is not surprising that there are no simple solutions. The aim of this paper is to provide a short and concise review which can be used to inform affected children and adults; family members of affected children and adults, and other medical, paramedical, non-medical, and educational professionals about the disorder. This paper has also tried to look into the process of how ADHD develops; what are the associated problems; and how many other children and adults are affected by such problems all over the world basically to understand ADHD more precisely in order to develop a better medical and or non-medical multimodal intervention plan. If pre-school teachers and clinicians are aware of what the research tells us about ADHD, the varying theories of its cause, and which areas need further research, the knowledge will assist them in supporting the families of children with ADHD. By including information in this review about the connection between biological behavior, it is hoped that preschool teachers and clinicians at all levels will feel more confident about explaining to parents of ADHD children, and older ADHD children themselves about the probable causes of ADHD.



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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, preschool, children, families, intervention
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