Perception of pain self-efficacy and fatigue in Greek patients with multiple sclerosis: a study protocol

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Paraskevi Theofilou *
Vaitsa Giannouli
Stergios Kolias
Magda Tsolaki
(*) Corresponding Author:
Paraskevi Theofilou |


The examination of the perception of pain and fatigue in patients with various health problems has received increased research attention in recent years. The aim of the present study protocol is to examine levels of pain self-efficacy and fatigue in a sample of Greek patients suffering from multiple sclerosis. The association of years and severity of diagnosis with the perception of pain self-efficacy and fatigue will be also investigated. Forty patients from the 3nd Neurological Department, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece) will participate in this study. The measurement tools include i) the Fatigue Assessment Scale, ii) the Pain Self Efficacy Questionnaire and iii) the Expanded Disability Status Scale. Test-retest reliability of the first two questionnaires will be assessed with the same patients rating their situation in a 10 days interval from the first examination in order to examine consistency over time.

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