The reasons of dropout of sport in Hong Kong school athletes

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Abdul-Rahman Hassan
Michael Huen Sum Lam *
Susanna Ku
William Ho Cheung Li
Ka Yiu Lee
Eva Ho
Stuart W. Flint
Anthony Siu Wo Wong
(*) Corresponding Author:
Michael Huen Sum Lam |


Dropout of sport is an issue in sport and public health domains. The aim of this study was to identify the potential dropout reasons of school athletes and to examine if their perception of dropout was affected by the previous dropout experience. There were 50 subjects who were divided into two groups based on their previous dropout experience (Dropout Group=22, No Dropout Group=28). They filled a questionnaire about potential dropout reasons of the current sport. Coach and teammates were two predominated reasons of dropout; Influence of parent and training seemed to affect the termination of the sport to a lesser extent. Moreover, the perception of social value and lost focus were significantly different between two groups. Character of coach and teammates affect the engagement of training in school athletes. However, the parental influence had less influence than expected. Training intensity played little role as the dropout reason. Previous experience of dropout had an impact of potential dropout reasons on their current sport training.

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