A theory upon origin of implicit musical language

  • József P. Vas | vasjozsefpal@gmail.com Psychotherapy Department, Borsod University Hospital, Miskolc, Hungary.


The author suggests that the origin of musicality is implied in an implicit musical language every human being possesses in uterus due to a resonance and attunement with prenatal environment, mainly the mother. It is emphasized that ego-development and evolving implicit musical language can be regarded as parallel processes. To support this idea a lot of examples of musical representations are demonstrated by the author. Music is viewed as a tone of ego-functioning involving the musical representations of bodily and visceral senses, cross-modal perception, unity of sense of self, individual fate of ego, and tripolar and bipolar musical coping codes. Finally, a special form of music therapy is shown to illustrate how can implicit musical language be transformed into explicit language by virtue of participants’ spontaneity, creativity, and playfulness.



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musicality, prenatal resonance and attunement, musical representations of ego-development, musical coping codes
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Vas, J. (2015). A theory upon origin of implicit musical language. Health Psychology Research, 3(3). https://doi.org/10.4081/hpr.2015.1932