Acute care for stunned myocardium after lightning strike is life-saving: need for public awareness programs

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Ahmed Armin *
Azim Afzal
Singh Upendra
Gurjar Mohan
(*) Corresponding Author:
Ahmed Armin |


Lightning injury is a global public health problem. It still exists as a major environmental threat in developing nations where majority of population lives in rural areas. The different mechanisms of lightning injury can result in a spectrum of injuries ranging from minor, through moderate to severe. The most common cause of death due to lightning strike is cardiopulmonary arrest. Prognosis and outcome in moderate to severe lightning injury depends on timing of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and specialized care to prevent anoxic injury to vital organs. India lags behind in public education, awareness programs and health resources and has the biggest number of reported deaths due to lightning injuries. In this report, the authors highlight the importance of early cardiopulmonary support to a victim of direct lightning strike, which saved his life, and lay emphasis on the need to develop public awareness programs.

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