Sustainability and Well-being in Geriatrics: proposing a performance-based approach for the implementation of geriatric care activities


The evaluation and measurement of Sustainable Development and Well-being represent a widespread emerging theme in healthcare, especially concerning, among others, the concepts of social equity and universality of health from an intergenerational perspective. To achieve such goals, Geriatrics would play a prominent role, especially considering the growing portion of the senior population in developed countries. This work intends to explore the possibility to connect Sustainable Development Goals and dimensions of Well-being to a set of performance indicators which are representative of geriatric activities in different settings of care. To this purpose, a pattern of indicators from Emilia- Romagna Region (RER) in Italy is considered. Furthermore, a range of Transitional Care interventions is discussed and proposed in order to ameliorate (or keep stable) the performance.



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Continuity of care, transitional care, sustainability, well-being, performance.
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