A new training course for triage. The experience of Triage Education Group in Pinerolo

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M. Civita *
E. Mana
C. Sfasciamuro
C. Odetto
E. Laurita
A. Cosola
P. Esposito
V. Voi
C. Masoero
P. Zanello
E. Pivetta
G.A. Cibinel
(*) Corresponding Author:
M. Civita | lucia.zoppi@pagepress.org


The article shows the results of the triage training course for healthcare assistants of the Emergency-Reception Department held in the education centre of Pinerolo, Italy. The course lasted three days (24 h in total), thus compling the Piedmont Regional Regulation DPR 43-15182 of 23/03/2005. Nineteen editions of the course had been held from December 2006 to December 2010. The present study reports the results of a satisfaction questionnaire about the ECM system (the one pertaining 2006-2007 years was different from the following years’ ones) and the data of a specific questionnaire given to participants in order to evaluate the actual effect of the methodology proposed.

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