Immunodepression COVID-19-related as a promoting factor for severe Pseudomonas sepsis in an infant with not respiratory symptoms


The outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 is a reason of concern worldwide. While a high proportion of adult patients have been severely ill, requiring intensive care assistance and mechanical ventilation, pediatric patients seem to have a less invasive clinical expression of the disease. Reasons for a milder disease in children compared to that seen in adults are yet to be elucidated. Nonetheless, severe and fatal cases have been reported in children and are expected to continue to increase with the growing community transmission and overall current disease prevalence. We report the first case of an infant with a very mild not-respiratory COVID- 19 infection and a concomitant invasive bacterial sepsis.



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COVID-19, children, sepsis, diarrhea, fever
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