Actions speak louder: Young female patients with acute ischemic stroke in the emergency department

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Mor Saban *
Tal Shachar
Heli Patito
Lev Zaretsky
(*) Corresponding Author:
Mor Saban |


The aim was to explore the diagnostic cascade of young females with acute ischemic stroke (AIS) in the emergency department (ED) setting. A retrospective case series study was conducted between the years 2016-2018 in the ED of a tertiary hospital (N=10). We collected socio-demographic data, clinical risk factors and co-morbidities, ED characteristics and medical examination related data. Ten females presenting with AIS were identified. Results show that each case had a variety of characteristics, there are no similar medical background or clear-cut risk factors, and each case has been presented clinically different. All these factors, with the possible added effect of age and sex bias serve as possible hindrance for correct and efficient diagnosis of stroke in young females. In conclusion, clinical presentation of young female with AIS is misleading. Initial examination in the ED setting may appear to be the determining point of impact on the outcome severity in young females.

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