A three-step approach to patients with suspected acute diverticulitis in the emergency department: An interdisciplinary algorithm proposal

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Ciro Paolillo *
Massimo Sartelli
Vittorio Miele
Luca Ansaloni
Massimo Valentino
Cecilia Merli
Federico Coccolini
Francesco Toso
Carmelo Madia
Fausto Catena
(*) Corresponding Author:
Ciro Paolillo | ciropaolillo@gmail.com


Patients with acute abdominal pain due to acute colonic diverticulitis are a frequent cause of hospital admission. Diverticuar disease increases with age. In Western populations, diverticular disease is diagnosed in 50% individuals over 70 years and 80% over 85 years of age. The identification of patients with acute diverticulitis is a considerable challenge, since numerous other acute abdominal conditions mimic its clinical characteristics. Another problem is the atypical presentation in older patients. A high index of suspicion in the setting of a compatible history and physical examination serves as the cornerstone of early diagnosis. The purpose of this review is to underline the importance of an intimately integrate multidisciplinary approach between emergency physicians, radiologists and surgeons.

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