Two cases of monoclonal nodular pulmonary amyloidosis and review of the literature

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Kendal M. Endicott
Conor F. Hynes
Cindy M. Hsieh
Edina Paal
Gregory Trachiotis *
(*) Corresponding Author:
Gregory Trachiotis |


Nodular pulmonary amyloidosis (NPA) is an uncommon pathology of insoluble protein depositing in pulmonary parenchyma. This localized pulmonary form of amyloidosis is most often found to contain combinations of kappa and lambda immunoglobulin light chain and immunoglobulin heavy chain proteins with a polyclonal lymphoplasmacystic infiltrate. Herein we present two cases of NPA of the rarely reported monoclonal (light-chain restricted) form with review of the literature and discussion of the clinical, radiographic, and histologic features of NPA.

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