Cardiogenetics publishes high quality original research papers, review articles, short reports, news and views, with the aim of connecting the scientific (bench) to the clinical (bedside) world. 

As an essential resource to general physicians, cardiologists, and geneticists, Cardiogenetics primary purpose is to report Original Research in the following areas:

  • Clinical and molecular aspects of inherited heart diseases (IHDs): genotype-phenotype findings; follow-up data from IHD clinics; clinical findings from large and informative families with IHDs; studies on molecular imaging in IHDs.
  • Clinical and molecular aspects of rare diseases: clinical, imaging and molecular findings of rare diseases (RDs) with cardiovascular involvement.
  • Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics: studies involving new drugs or well known therapies in IHDs, RDs, and cardiovascular medicine; genetic/genomic profile and response to therapies.
  • Stem cells studies: clinical trials and experimental studies involving cell studies/cell therapy.

A space will be given to negative studies in cardiogenetics: this space will be dedicated to clinical, molecular, cellular, pharmacological studies with a solid scientific background, but leading to negative results.

Cardiogenetics will also welcome:

  • Review articles: To be oriented towards all the aspects of cardiogenetics (clinical, molecular, cellular, pharmacological).
  • Clinical and Experimental Cases/Hypothesis: Clinical (single) cases regarding IHDs or RDs; single experimental design with positive and/or negative results.
  • Methods and Techniques: Experimental plan and/or new techniques in the field of molecular genetics, stem cells, pharmacogenomics, etc.
  • Images in Cardiogenetics: Images and/or videos regarding “particular” clinical features, molecular imaging, and experimental (molecular, etc.) results.
  • News and Views: commentary, summary, reports of outstanding articles in other journals for the general public.
  • Interactive Clinical Cases: Interesting cases with 3-5 questions.

Diagnosis of cardiomyopathies: tips and tricks for internists and general... Pompe disease, a storage cardiomyopathy Arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy: From pathophysiology...

Vol 8, No 1 (2018)

Table of Contents

Clinical and Experimental Cases/Hypothesis
Leo Kilian, Philip Haaf, Otmar Pfister, Annina S. Vischer, Olav Lapaire, Thilo Burkard

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Original Articles
Michael A. Olaopa, Katherine G. Spoonamore, Deepak Bhakta, Zhenhui Chen, Patricia B.S. Celestino-Soper, Peng-Sheng Chen, Tomohiko Ai, Matteo Vatta

Abstract views: 345 | PDF: 91
Review Articles
Martina Caiazza, Daniele Masarone, Giuseppe Limongelli

Abstract views: 130 | PDF: 29
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