Carraro: EJTM3 is also covering Mobility and Medicine at large, an update

EJTM3 is also covering Mobility and Medicine at large, an update


Since the first 2018 issue, the European Journal of Translational Myology expanded its authorship and readership from the strict topics of biology, physiology, diagnostic, management and rehabilitation of skeletal muscle to the more clinically relevant fields of human mobility to those of general medicine. This third issue opens with a review on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a very complex medical problem, as its other names testify (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease). A more typical molecular myology original article follows (Increasing autophagy does not affect neurogenic muscle atrophy), but then several Rapid Reports cover different Medical Specialties fields, related or unrelated to neuromyology, mobility problems and their potential solutions. The Advisors of EJTM invite Authors to submit typescripts, taking into account that the journal is keen to publish high-level papers in the fields of Translational Myology, Mobility and Medicine at large.

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The third issue of Volume 28, 2018 of the European Journal of Translational Myology (EJTM) opens with a review on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a very complex medical problem (as its other names attest: Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease). The sub-chapters of the review (Metabolic and functional CFS / ME markers, Oxidative Stress in CFS / ME muscles, Gene modifications in CFS / ME muscles, Palliative Therapies) are strong examples of the need for muscle studies in human diseases, even though the muscle symptoms may be a minor problem for the persons affected. They indeed complain about pain much more than for exercise intolerance, that may strongly limit their mobility.1 A molecular myology original article follows (Increasing autophagy does not affect neurogenic muscle atrophy),2 a study in rodents of the relevance of different mechanisms of muscle atrophy in a classical experimental model, i.e., muscle trophism changes immediately and during early weeks after sciatic nerve transection. EJTM indeed survived 28 years in the publishing arena by focusing on biology, physiology, pathogenesis and therapy/rehabilitation of skeletal muscle. Many readers downloaded the numerous reports on muscle conferences, e. g., the 2017 Report of the 14th Meeting of IIM, the Interuniversity Institute of Myology.3 Many other past and recent reviews, original articles and communications, typically on skeletal muscle tissue topics, are worth recalling.4-25

However, from 2016 EJTM extended typescript acceptance to reviews and original articles on translational studies of mobility,26-44 and then to pain related or unrelated to neuromyology disorders.45-50

Since 2008, Basic and Applied Myology (BAM) (in 2010 renamed European Journal of Translational Myology, EJTM) went far beyond the limits of pure Myology introducing the Section: Strength and Conditioning / Physical Exercise and, from 2018, the Section: Translational Medicine. A new style for short article, i.e., EJTM Rapid Reports (that include Case Reports) was also implemented. Iranian Authors are responding to these new options with a stream of submissions.48-67

The Advisors of EJTM invite interested Authors to submit typescripts, taking into account that the journal is keen to publish high-level papers in the fields of Myology, Mobility, and Medicine at large (EJTM3).




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